Education Technology Latest News & Updates: Why EdTech Has Overlooked The Importance Of Research Innovation In Higher Education

Education technology (EdTech) has long been considered a powerful tool that can transform the ever-evolving field of education. EdTech has been redefining the way students learn, but aside from transforming the teaching and learning experiences of educators and students, it could also serve as the key to reinventing the research process in higher education.

Several education experts believed that the concept of education technology should be much broader and will not only focus on bringing technology into traditional classrooms. Since the education sector does not only serve to instruct but also to invent, EdTech has the potential to innovate the research enterprise at educational institutions.

Funding for academic research, which education technology seemingly ignored, has been rapidly growing globally. In fact, the United States' federal government has provided universities with almost $70 billion for research, as per the National Science Foundation.

In spite of the fact that academic research is currently on the rise, its technological progress has been reportedly slow. The University of California Los Angeles even pointed out that the "formal, guiding technology strategy" for academic research has been notably insufficient.

The lack of technological progress has also caused some challenges for researchers. According to Forbes, it sidetracks time and attention from more productive activities, as well as delays experiments and increases research expenditures. Experts says, however, that education technology has the power to change this reality.

Aside from education technology, scientific progress can also be accelerated if research efficiency is improved. In order to improve research, universities should start building research teams and research networks. They should also harness digital platforms as a virtual lab that will not only transform the research process but promote science education.

As Edtech highlighted the unresolved issues in the education sector, it has become a key factor in reshaping research and educating students. Nevertheless, administrators continue to face the challenges of determining how the emerging EdTech ecosystem can make sense as EdTech tools flood the schools and universities, EdSurge noted.

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