‘Sister Wives’ Season 8 Cancelled On TLC: Kody Brown And Robyn Divorce Over New Women? [SPOILERS]

"Sister Wives" Season 8 may likely be cancelled on TLC if the show loses three of its lead stars. A recent report suggests that Kody Brown and his legal wife, Robyn, have decided to divorce after the polygamist announced that he is looking to have two more wives.

This article contains spoilers. Read on if you want to learn more about the details of this story.

"Sister Wives" Season 8 cancellation news reveals that the TLC reality series may no longer be renewed for another season if Kody Brown and Robyn's divorce pushes through. According to Life & Style, Kody decided to have two more wives in order to keep the pay check he is receiving from their show on TLC.

"He wants to stay relevant to TLC," family friend/insider Kendra Pollard told the publication.

Since "Sister Wives" documents the life of Kody as a polygamist and follows the story of how his four wives can exist in each other's lives and relationships, this may be the reason behind Kody's decision. However, this did not exactly sit well with Robyn and his two other spiritual wives.

Robyn, Christine and Meri are allegedly planning to leave Kody and "Sister Wives" Season 8 altogether. Kody has allegedly set his sights on marrying one of Robyn's step niece as well as the family's nanny, Mindy Jessop, notes Celeb Dirty Laundry.

This could mean that "Sister Wives" Season 8 may be without three of Kody Brown's wives, which may ultimately lead to the cancellation of the show. The aforementioned publication states that Kody does not really appeal to viewers of the show, so if three of his wives will leave him and the show, then there is a high chance that TLC may end the show for good.

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