Working Parents Dilemma Solved! California Bank Allows For Babies At Work Everyday; Here's Why The Company Thinks It's OK

A bank in California is making big adjustments for its employees who still have infants to take care of. Schools Financial Credit Union is apparently allowing its staff to bring their babies to work every day if needed, and do so until the children are old enough to crawl.

According to WFAA, working parents at the Schools Financial Credit Union are grateful for the company's policy on parental privileges. Such policy, which has actually been retained by the company since 2001, has been one of the reasons why employees prefer working at this California bank. So far, 130 babies and their parents have already benefited from the policy.

It is mostly the working moms taking advantage of bringing their babies to work at the Schools Financial Credit Union, but some 20 percent of the working dads have also been doing the same. The company thought it would be wiser to provide such a benefit because most of the workers deal with sensitive information, which makes it impossible to do the work at home, according to Red Book Magazine. Once employees have maximized their maternity and paternity leave benefits, however, some families can no longer extend taking time off because this would mean being off work without pay.

Lisa Mackay, the company's human resources head, stated that the company also recognizes that some of its employees cannot afford to bring their children to daycare. Hence, giving them the option to bring their babies to the office actually works best for everyone concerned.

"We know going in the employee is not going to be 100 percent productive," Mackay said in the reports. Fortunately, no major problems have risen from this set up. The whole intention of the program is to assure its working parents of job security and the company understands that productivity could be temporarily affected. "That is just part of the program, and it's part of the intention of the program," said MacKay.

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