'Galavant' On Netflix Sparks Season 3 Renewal Talks: What Is The Show's Actual Status?

"Galavant" is earning renewed interest for a Season 3 offering. The musical comedy, which originally ran for two seasons on ABC, was canceled last May. However, as the first and second season of "Galavant" has been released on Netflix last Sept. 7, new viewers are finally discovering the series. Will Netflix pick up the show for Season 3? What's the actual status of "Galavant"?

Disappointed by the network's decision to put an end to "Galavant," avid fans have set up a petition to renew the show for Season 3. The move has earned less than 25,000 support so far, per iPetitions. Though fan furor might have died down since, renewal talks for "Galavant" has been raised in recent weeks as the series started streaming on Netflix.

Viewers who have only started watching the show on the streaming site have been wondering about a third season. Will the demand be enough to bring the series back in the streaming platform?

"Galavant," created by Dan Fogelman with musical inputs from Alan Menken, is set in the medieval era and features a knight (Galavant) who pines for Madalena. However, Madalena is kidnapped by an evil king, whom she eventually marries. In hoping to rescue Madalena, Galavant journeys to the kingdom and meets Isabella and Sid.

The show's twist and turns are told as a musical production in every episode, which made it a unique television fanfare. However, "Galavant's" failing ratings prompted ABC to cancel the series, Variety reported.

"Galavant" cast members have already moved on with different projects after the cancellation. This has prompted some fans to believe that with the actors' busy schedules, there might be no Season 3 after all.

Fan favorite Karen David, who played Isabella on "Galavant," is going to be in "Once Upon a Time" Season 6 as Princess Jasmine, per Deadline. She is also in the British series, "Cold Feet." Mallory Jansen, who played Madalena, is joining "Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D." Season 4 as AIDA, an AI figure, per Hypable. Joshua Sasse, who played Galavant, is in the cast of "No Tomorrow," a TV show that debuts on Oct. 4.

Meanwhile, Alan Menken has hinted that "Galavant" could potentially have a follow up on Broadway. Showrunner John Hoberg also said that if production does get a new lease, it could "eliminate or change" a former character who might not be available anymore. "We have our ways we've talked about. It's a magical world where anything can happen," said Hoberg, via Entertainment Weekly.

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