Katy Perry Delivered Her Sister's Baby & It's Not Her First Time Assisting In Homebirth

Pop star Katy Perry is not only an accomplished music artist. Apparently, when she's not creating songs and making hits, she can also assist in delivering a baby. She has done homebirths at least two times in her life.

The "Rise" hit maker recently shared on her Twitter that she had quite a busy start to the week. She helped her elder pregnant sister, Angela Hudson, give birth in the afternoon and then she had to do get to a recording studio a few hours later. Entertainment Weekly reports that Katy Perry also assisted in a homebirth two years ago. This was when her sister gave birth to her first baby.

Katy Perry opened up about being part of her sister's first homebirth in an interview with an Australian show, as per Idolator. The popular singer said that the delivery had happened in her sister's living room, where she had assisted the doula, who is the professional taking charge of the homebirth.

Katy Perry commended her sister for choosing to do a homebirth, "without a single Advil," and described Angela as a "rock star." But the "Roar" singer revealed that she might not be giving birth the same way, if she eventually has to go down that path. The Mayo Clinic underscores that homebirth has both its pros and cons and ensuring that the delivery is safe for both mom and baby requires proper and careful planning months ahead of the birth.

Back in 2011, Katy Perry expressed that she does want to have kids and believe that it's one of the reasons why people get married, Cosmopolitan reports. At that time, she had been married to actor Russel Brandt. Today, Katy Perry is in a relationship with "Lord of the Rings" star Orlando Bloom. Ace Showbiz reports that the two apparently plan to get engaged soon, but the stars have not confirmed this.

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