'Steven Universe' Season 4 Updates: Will Onion Be Able to Save the Day By Talking to Gems?

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald September 15, 04:00 pm

"Steven Universe" may seem like a regular cartoon, but it did manage to capture the attention of young viewers and those who are young at heart. As of the latest update on the cartoon series' 4th season, it was revealed that Onion might be a prominent character this season.

"Steven Universe" show runners make it a point to prove spoilers wrong, thus they would usually come up with an unexpected tweak once the series would become predictable. For the last episode that aired last week, it was revealed that Pearl and Steven are keeping their selves busy with a puzzle.

As the duo worked on the puzzle, they were both surprised with the loud bang that's been going on around them. It was then revealed that it was actually Amethyst. As Steven and Perl looked at her direction, they were startled upon seeing her wearing a gown, which got them into thinking what is she up to.

Vine Report released a recap stating that Amethyst was more than psyched as Greg would take her to a rock concert. Despite being filled with excitement, a leaked spoiler video revealed that their quality time didn't push through as Greg already had an earlier commitment with Barb and Vidalia.

Filled with disappointment, Amethyst was comforted by Pearl. She then added that Amethyst is always welcome to join her and Steven. Pearl then offered to go with the concert Amethyst as she looked bummed thinking that she will work on the puzzle with them.

As for the espied that would air today, it was revealed that Onion would be highlighted. The episode entitled "Onion Gang" leaked by YouTube will be aired on Cartoon Network on September 15's episode.

The video revealed that "Steven Universe" spend his time with "Onion" despite being uncomfortable. It was then revealed that Onion could potentially talk to gems, which means that he can be of great help in convincing the gems to group together and form a bubble.

Do you think Onion can really talk to the gems? Do let us know through the comment section below. The "Steven Universe" "Onion Gang" episode would air today on Cartoon Network.

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