Teacher Home Visits: Improving Students Success, Making Better Teachers & Encouraging More Parent Involvement

Is a teacher's home visit necessary? Some schools now believe that it is vital to a child's success as a student. The system might also help teachers become better educators and encourage more parent involvement.

If parents are asked to come to the school to discuss their child's progress, then perhaps teacher home visits could achieve even more. It could foster a better student-teacher-parent dynamics, which could greatly affect the overall welfare of the child.

Such is the case of one parent, Sabrina Bishop, who welcomed four teachers from her son's school to her home. She was told that the teacher home visit was aimed at building a relationship with the parents, especially if the student is having trouble in school, per Education Next.

Almard Bishop, who is in the second grade, has been having learning and behavioral problems at school, which started when he was held back in kindergarten. During the teacher home visit, the educators were able to learn about his routines and interests better, which could help in their approach to making Almard more engaged in the lessons.

They were also able to convince Sabrina to visit the school to observe on a class project. It's a small step to a partnership that should be beneficial to Almard later on.

Edutopia reports that there have been studies that attest teacher home visits do bring a positive impact to the student. Teacher home visits aren't tutor sessions.In fact, the teacher is not there to take down notes or talk lessons to the child.

The educator, however, is there to learn about the family, the child's expectations and aspirations, as well as the parents' hopes and dreams.These visits often come with extra pay for the teachers, but it is not mandatory. Some come in groups so that teachers can discuss among each other about how they can help the family.

"I think the sooner you can start a relationship, you're going to see results on their performance in the classroom," said fourth-grade teacher Ashlee Barnes, via NPR.

Is your child's school OK with teacher home visits? Would you also consider this for your own family? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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