'GTA 6' Release Date, News & Update: Does Rockstar ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Announcement Delay Indicate Exclusivity Deal In The Works?

With neither "GTA 6" nor "Red Dead Redemption 3" mentioned at the Sony Playstation Meeting in September, could Take Two Interactive and Rockstar be ironing out an exclusivity deal with major platforms? Although the PlayStation Meeting racked up big expectations among "GTA 6" and "Red Dead Redemption 3" fans, Take Two Interactive and Rockstar may have never intended to show up at the said event.

Consider that "Grand Theft Auto" is a major franchise for Rockstar and the "GTA" titles major money-makers for Take Two Interactive, as Parent Herald cites. "GTA 6" would have understandably not been unveiled at the Sony PlayStation meeting.

  Rockstar would have required a bigger avenue for "GTA 6" to be announced. The projected of presence of Rockstar at E3 2016, which Take Two Interactive announced, would have aligned with this premise.

To date, the scope of changes expected by "Gand Theft Auto" fans has been tagged as the main reason that Rockstar is taking its time in revealing "GTA 6." According to "Gand Theft Auto" buzz, "GTA 6" will have the largest map in the franchise.

"GTA 6" is also projected to see an overseas setting for the iteration. Along with this change, "GTA 6" is believed to be bringing in a female protagonist.

However, one other possibility for Rockstar holding off on unveiling "GTA 6" is that the studio and Take Two Interactive may be working out an exclusivity deal with one of the major gaming platforms. While the first "Grand Theft Auto" was released as an exclusive for Sony PlayStation, the succeeding iterations were made available for all gaming platforms.

However, rising development costs may have made an exclusivity deal for "GTA 6" an attractive prospect. In which case, "Grand Theft Auto" fans may see "GTA 6" attached to either Sony PlayStation or Microsoft's XBox One.

With these, a 2018 to 2020 release for "GTA 6" would still be within keeping. Would you root to see "GTA 6" as a PlayStation exclusive or do you suppose the new "Grand Theft Auto" iteration will be an XBox One title?

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