'GTA 6' News & Update: Title Cancelled? NO, Title May Arrive Next Year! New DLC For 'GTA 5' Out Next Month

There is no doubt that Rockstar Games' "Grand Theft Auto" video game series is one of the most popular titles today. In fact, fans are already looking forward to "GTA 6." Unfortunately, there are reports of cancellation. Is "GTA 6" really canceled?

GamenGuide reported that the cancellation of "GTA 6" is making waves online. But in the first place, the developers never confirmed that "GTA 6" is already in the works.

Many were expecting to hear updates about "GTA 6" in the recently concluded Sony PlayStation Meeting but the title was never discussed. In fact, Rockstar did not attend the said event. So could it be that there is no "GTA 6?"

No, according to NSEAVOICE, "GTA 6" is not canceled. In fact, the anticipated title might arrive next year.

The publication believes that since it's been three years since Rockstar released "GTA 5," the developers have had enough time already to work on "GTA 6." The report added that Rockstar could be developing "GTA 6" secretly.

By examining the "GTA" franchise and release pattern, you will find an odd "GTA" title with a small-scale gameplay and shorter gaming hours. "GTA 6" could be a small-scale title and Rockstar could save a large scale gameplay for "GTA 7" while still enjoying the profit from "GTA 6."

Meanwhile, University Herald suggested that if "GTA 6" is not out next year, it will arrive on the store shelves in 2018. Rockstar Games' release pattern ideally coincide in a 4-5-year timeline between games. "GTA 5" was out in 2013, so "GTA 6" will likely arrive in 2017 or 2018.

On a side note, for those who are enjoying "GTA 5," Rockstar is developing a new DLC for the title. The "GTA 5" Bikers DLC will be out next month. The upcoming DLC will be released on Oct. 18 and it will be accompanied by a Halloween DLC.

Are you happy that "GTA 6" will be arriving in a year or two years? Are you also excited for the upcoming "GTA 5" DLC? What do you expect in the new DLC? What do you want to see in "GTA 6?" Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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