Terror Of Zika And Flakka In Florida: 105 Cases Of Zika All In All

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald September 27, 11:54 pm

Zika terror is rising again as the flakka incidents heat up. The Florida Health Department announced 10 new cases of Zika transmission on Monday, coming up with a total number of cases reaching 105. Most cases are reportedly coming from the Miami Beach area.

CDC leveled up the alert for the Wynwood-designated area after three mosquito incubation periods passed, although there were no new locally transmitted cases of Zika. The organization affirmed the aerial spraying as very helpful with lowering mosquito counts in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, the virus is still on attack even at a lower intensity, so people in Florida are still advised to keep themselves alert and prepared.

Americans are currently thinking twice to travel to Florida because of the new Zika cases reported, according to Fox News. The local government is then a bit alarmed about the impending drop in tourism.

Pregnant women and partners of pregnant women who are feared to have potential exposure to Zika are advised to consider postponing leisure travels to all parts of Miami-Dade County, especially the Wynwood area. In case of an important travel to these areas, it is important that pregnant women and partners follow the rules in preventing mosquito bites.

Women and men living in or who traveled to the area should immediately talk to their doctor or other healthcare provider for a Zika virus test. CDC advised that partners of pregnant women should correctly use condoms to avoid passing Zika during sex, or if possible, should not have sex while the partner is pregnant. For those who do not have signs or symptoms of Zika but have travelled to affected areas, they are also advised to wait at least eight weeks before trying to get pregnant.

People are wondering what is happening to Florida nowadays. While the flakka shocking incidents are still resonating hardly in many areas, here is Zika's continuous scare in neighborhoods. The government is facing great problems and people should be of help in any way they can especially by keeping the rules.

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