Cancer Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft To Use AI To Decode Cancer? New Healthcare Initiative Utilizes Machine Learning To Eliminate Cancer

By KJ Williams, Parent Herald September 29, 07:27 am

In recent months, cancer and artificial intelligence (AI) have long been associated together. Continuously proving its undeniable influence to humanity, it's not quite surprising to learn how machine learning could be of help in the field of precision medicine, particularly in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

As artificial intelligence becomes ubiquitous in the lives of humans, several experts believe AI could revolutionize the healthcare system in the world. As a matter of fact, it has already proven its usefulness in various fields of sciences and subspecialties of medicine such as cancer, autism, eye diseases and mental health disorders.

Considered the "next frontier" in healthcare revolution, artificial intelligence-driven aka data-driven medicine has the potential to boost the speed and accuracy of disease diagnosis, not to mention its ability to personalize medical treatments. Due to the promising potential of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing the field of medicine, computer software giant Microsoft has been determined to "crack the code" of cancer by using AI.

According to Tech Crunch, Microsoft researchers said that cancer is similar to a computer virus that can be solved by cracking its code. With that said, Microsoft launched a new healthcare campaign that aims to eliminate the disease through the use of AI, machine learning, natural language processing and other computer sciences.

In spite of the fact that the utilization of artificial intelligence has been slow and limited in biomedicine, Microsoft is targeting to develop cancer solutions through AI. Inverse explained the software company has created teams who will be responsible in searching through cancer research, helping radiologists in utilizing machine learning to monitor the progression of tumors, in developing algorithms to plan treatment options for different types of cancer and in working on "moonshot efforts," allowing scientists to create programmable cells to combat diseases such as cancer.

Microsoft's latest cancer breakthrough efforts were announced last week. This artificial intelligence-driven initiative aimed to assist medical experts in the research, diagnosis, progress and in looking for potential cure for different cancer types.

Aside from Microsoft, IBM is also working on a similar program known as the Watson Oncology. This program reportedly analyzes patient health information against research data.

Meanwhile, this was not the first time that an artificial intelligence-driven platform has been created and developed to help doctors in cancer diagnosis. In fact, a study published in the journal Cancer revealed that a team of Houston Methodist Research Institute experts had created an AI-based software that can reliably interpret mammograms for a fast and precise breast cancer risk prediction.

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