James Bond News, Release Date Update: James Bond Or Is New 007 A Jane?

By Zubera, Parent Herald October 03, 06:34 am

The makers of the "James Bond" series might be interested in taking Daniel Craig for the upcoming movie however, there are speculations of a lady taking over the role of 'Bond.' Fans want the famous spy role to be a lady.

In a recent discussion with BBC Radio 4's Today programme, one of the producers Callum McDougall assures that Daniel Craig remains the top choice. "We would love Daniel to return as Bond," he told presenter Nick Robinson. 

Callum McDougall further confirmed that Daniel Craig is first choice of executive producer Barbara Broccoli. The same is true with co-producer Michael Wilson, who hopes as Barbara Broccoli that Daniel Craig will come back.

Meanwhile, there are other news on female Bond for the upcoming movie. "While James Bond is the world's most famous spy character, in the end, it's just a character, and it can be rewritten to allow a woman to play the part,"  Cinema Blend's Dirk Libbey said.

Drik Libbey added that James Bond should not be limited by gender. Along with this, Gillian Anderson sent the Twittersphere ablaze when she posted a mock-up of herself as the spy with the caption: "Its Bond, Jane Bond."

Actress Lily Cole wants to see a Jane Bond and considers Cate Blanchett for it. Cole told BANG Showbiz that she would love to play Jane Bond as well.  

"I think the Bond girl character would be a fun one to cross off your bucket list. But they are not the most interesting characters historically, whereas, Bond could be a bit more fun."

The new "James Bond" might premiere in 2018. Stay tuned for more James Bond updates.


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