'Dance Moms' Season 6 Air Date, News Update: Abby Miller Jail Time Spells End Of The Road?

By Tahnee Gonzales, Parent Herald October 06, 07:27 am

It might be the end of the road soon for the reality TV show "Dance Moms" after their star, Abby Miller, pleaded guilty. "Dance Moms" fans witnessed Abbie Miller admit to bankruptcy, fraud and failure to report a thousand dollars worth of foreign currency (Australian) in the country.

These charges could send Abbie Miller to jail. That means  2 years to 2.5 years of jail time for the "Dance Moms" celebrity. Is it time to say goodbye to "Dance Moms?"

The fate of the Lifetime reality show depends on the sentencing process of Abbie Miller on the 11th of October, as reported by Fox News. It is very likely that the "Dance Moms" star will be sentenced to 2 years to 2.5 years. Lifetime has a decision to make.

Without the star of "Dance Moms", Lifetime could proceed with a new dance studio and delay the production of the next season. Lifetome could also cancel "Dance Moms" completely. The network has not yet commented on the matter.

The lawyers of Abbie Miller are doing their best to get the "Dance Moms" star a maximum of 6 months jail time. If they are successful then Abbie Miller would only have to spend half a year in jail and "Dance Moms" could still continue  with only a minor delay.

Last year, Abbie Miller was also charged for fraud, according to Deadline. She was hiding a huge amount of the income from her show "Dance Moms." 

"Dance Moms" is a reality show that follows the life of Abbie Miller and her young students competing in dancing with their watchful mothers on board. "Dance Moms" atmosphere is high in competition where the audience can see how the mothers clash with Miller over the criticisms she gives to their daughters.

It's still uncertain whether the "Dance Moms" reality TV will continue or not. But it's very clear that Abbie Miller will continue to face legal problems.

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