Macbook Pro 2016 Available By October?

By Tahnee Gonzales, Parent Herald October 06, 08:00 am

During Apple's iPhone event last September, some people were expecting to get a look at the new Macbook Pro 2016, but nothing was revealed. The latest model was released last May 2015 and no more upgraded models followed since then. However, rumors are spreading that there might must be a release of Macbook Pro 2016 this October or on November.

Apple has recently launched macOS Sierra and it has stirred rumors that the company is upgrading its operating system to fit the Macbook Pro 2016 that will be released. According to Macrumors, the new OS is expected to support the hardware of the much awaited laptop.

There were also speculations regarding the new features that will be present in the new Macbook Pro 2016. One of the most intriguing features is the OLED touch bar. It will replace the keyboard's upper function keys.

The OLED bar is expected to show the laptop user the function keys on the screen which means the user doesn't have to physically touch the function keys. The functions that will be displayed is tailored to the user's current task or application. That would be very handy if it is indeed true.

It is also rumored that it will come in two variants. There would be a 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook Pro 2016. Its edges would be shallower making it look trendy and classy.

While no one really knows what exactly the Macbook Pro 2016 will be like, everybody is expecting that the upgrade will be innovative and high-quality. Everybody has great expectations about the new addition to the high-end laptop line.

With all that said, people should not wait for Apple to hold an event to release updates about their products. More often than not, the company announces them through press release.

For now, Apple fans can really only imagine the exciting new features of Macbook Pro 2016. However, indications say Apple will make Macbook Pro 2016 worth the wait.

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