What Will An Adopted Boy Buy Do With Money He Earned By Mowing Lawns? A Gravestone For Biological Father He Never Met

By Chiara Leghler, Parent Herald October 07, 12:10 am

An adopted boy has been mowing lawns over the summer in order to make money and the reason behind it has been melting hearts nationwide. He will reportedly use the money in order to buy a gravestone for his biological father, who he never got the chance to meet.

KTLA reported that the boy is from Fargo, North Dakota. He is 11 years old and has been spending his summer mowing lawns so he'll be able to purchase a gravestone for the grave of his biological dad. The child, identified as Brandon Bakke, was adopted at birth but recently learned about his birth parents after asking his adopted family.

Bakke was able to know about his father, Terrence, who died just recently and was buried in Chicago without a gravestone. Bakke said in a statement why he wants to buy a gravestone for his biological father, "I don't think anybody should go unknown in life."

Bakke was able to earn enough money for the gravestone of his father and when he did, he reportedly reached out to Dakota Monument in order to work with artists and designers to create what he believes is the perfect marker to honor his late biological dad. Bakke also thinks that if his biological father will see the gravestone, he will be proud of him.

Aside from mowing lawns of neighbors and strangers, Bakke also made lemonade stands in the area in order to earn the needed money. He also originally planned to buy a hoverboard with the cash he will get but decided otherwise after knowing about his biological father, New York Daily News reported.

Dakota Monument decided that they will be donating the gravestone to Bakke after hearing his story. A worker at the cemetery also volunteered to give the amount needed in order to install the stone. The employee reportedly knows the biological father of Bakke.

Bakke will be going to Chicago as part of a family road trip next month in order to place the gravestone on his biological father's unmarked grave himself. He will reportedly continue to raise money this winter to provide gravestones for unmarked graves. Dakota Monument will be helping Bakke in this initiative.

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