Anti-Baby Shower Celebrations: Childless Couples, Parents Shunning More Kids Are Having 'Vasectomy Parties'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald October 13, 12:00 am

Childless couples and parents who no longer want to have more kids are holding the opposite of baby shower parties. Dubbed "vasectomy parties," these couples are sharing how they celebrate their decision to have no children. The hashtag #vasectomyparty is becoming popular in photo-sharing social sites like Instagram and Pinterest, as well as the discussion forum Reddit.

One anonymous couple shared details to their vasectomy party, which included a game of "The Price Is Right." It had their friends guessing the money the couple can use to buy what they want, instead of saving up for kids' tuition fees.

Their story was met with enthusiasm by a growing number of parents who are also choosing to not to have children or are no longer adding to their brood, The Sun reports. Below are some photos that entail preparations made by couples for their vasectomy parties, which also have treats, cakes and other goodies just like in a baby shower.

Vasectomy Party

New York Post cites that it's no longer unusual for people to celebrate this uncommon parenting choice. Amy Blackstone, who has chosen not to have children and even blogs about it on Were Not Having A Baby told the news outlet that "celebrating traditional milestones" is limiting and narrow. "So why not decide to celebrate your choice to not have a child?" Blackstone points out.

A research conducted in 2013 at Wharton showed that at only 42 percent of millennials plan to have babies as soon as they are out of college. The number has gone down from the 78 percent of young couples wanting to have children in 1992.

The Economist cites that this choice is not exclusive to couples in the United States. In other parts of the world, the desire to go childless in increasing, along with the desire to have a small number of kids for parents who already have one or two.

Where do you stand on this issue? Would you also consider having a vasectomy party? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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