'Sherlock' Season 4 Air Date, News & Updates: Benedict Cumberbatch To Be Brought Back In By Steven Moffat For S5?

"Sherlock Season 4" co-producer and co-writer Steven Moffat will be able to bring star Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes) back in for S5. While concerns are growing that the BBC series is ending after "Sherlock Season 4," Benedict Cumberbatch fans may rest easy.

BT TV reports that according to Steven Moffat, discussions with the BBC is yet to happen for "Sherlock Season 5" confirmation. Citing an interview with the Press Association, the media agency reports Steven Moffat stated that Benedict Cumberbatch is in fact on board for more "Sherlock."

Steven Moffat addressed the highly quoted statement by Benedict Cumberbatch that "Sherlock Season 4" felt like the end. Steven Moffat clarified that Benedict Cumberbatch did not say that the BBC series is gone and done after "Sherlock Season 4."

Happily, Benedict Cumberbatch reportedly remains interested in playing Sherlock Holmes. "He actually says he's very keen to carry on playing Sherlock Holmes," Steven Moffat stated.

The "Sherlock" series producer further pointed out that Season 5 is still too far down the road and BBC discussions have yet to happen. More importantly, fans have yet to find out about the workings of James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) and the mysteries of Sherrinford, Thatcher and Smith come Season 4.

One thing that might happen is that "Sherlock Season 5" will have longer wait date. As Benedict Cumberbatch said in an interview with GQ, a follow up to "Sherlock Season 4" could be difficult to deliver so quickly.

This is because Steven Moffat and co-producer and co-writer Mark Gatiss, who also plays Mycroft Holmes, are concluding the arc if the previous seasons with "Sherlock Season 4. As such, fans may expect Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson (Martin Freeman) on an intense emotional rollercoaster come the new episodes.

"Sherlock Season 4" is expected to premiere on the BBC in the New Year of 2017. What arc, do you think, will "Sherlock Season 5" have?

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