Teen Dies Of Heroin Overdose; Drug Supply Came From Grandmother And Mother

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald October 14, 03:14 am

A teenager was found dead at a hotel in Ohio due to heroin overdose. According to reports, the drugs came from the victim's grandmother and mother.

In a report published by Fox News, Andrew Frye, 16, died of drug overdose, and it is all due to the fault of his own grandmother, Brenda Frye, and mother, Heather Frye. Police reports were saying that it was Frye's grandmother who handed out drugs to his mother along with another one of their friends that day the incident happened. Andrew Frye was seen dead in April of this year inside a hotel in Akron, Ohio.

It was a horrifying picture to see this teen sitting in a chair, as he was surrounded by syringes and other materials used for heroin shooting. His mother and his grandmother were arrested and have pleaded guilty for the crime of involuntary manslaughter and other lawsuits in September.

The teen's grandmother was said to have gotten the drugs from a man she was in a relationship with. Reports also showed that the said man also pleaded guilty but only to possession of heroin.

Unfortunately for the teen, he wasn't treated for heroin addiction. But for those who are wondering if heroin addiction can be treated, the answer is yes. Treatments for heroin addiction could be behavioral or sometimes with medicines involved according to DrugAbuse.gov. Once this is done, the victim would be able to go back having a normal life again, which includes being able to work again. Some studies say that combining these two known methods of treatment would be more effective in treating a heroin addict.

If anyone is suffering from heroin addiction, please share this article, as this might help them be informed regarding the matter. Feel free to share your opinion about the story using the comments box below.

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