New Study Shows Using Tools And Role Playing To Depict Pregnancy Only Increases Teen Pregnancy

By Dianne Franc, Parent Herald October 13, 01:09 am

Teen pregnancy has been a long on-going issue in the United States, and this year has made quite an improvement that statistics show a drop on the numbers of teens involved in pregnancy. New study says that teenagers being taught about role playing the act of pregnancy didn't help in addressing the issue. Instead, it even contributed to the increase of teens getting pregnant.

In an article published by the Daily Breeze, teens who were taught in school using dolls and eggs as visual aides to help them imagine life being pregnant, were more likely to get pregnant in their teenage years. Hence, it is an ineffective approach to teach teens regarding sex and the responsibility that comes with it. A Lancet study this year has backed up this statement saying dolls were never a good idea to make kids learn about pregnancy. Why? Because these dolls were not even real to begin with. If anything, these dolls just taught them how being a mother could be easy.

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Unfortunately, the consistency in teaching teenagers regarding sex education and pregnancy seems to be lacking. Usually, schools just rely on health educators to handle this issue. CDC recorded about 250,000 babies being born to mothers who were only in between the ages of 15 to 19 years old. This year however, teen pregnancy went down up to 9 percent since the 2013 statistics.

Hopefully, more teenagers will become aware of what it is really like to become pregnant at quite an early age. A high level of awareness plays a huge role in keeping teens educated about pregnancy and even reproduction. It all starts at home, which is why parents are encouraged to give "the talk" to their kids. What are your thoughts about teen pregnancy? Please share your opinion in the comment box below.

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