“American Horror Story: Roanoke” Updates: Matt and Shelby Suspected To Be The Real killers?

By Ankita Kulkarni, Parent Herald October 14, 01:48 pm

The sixth season of the FX horror anthology series, "American Horror Story: Roanoke" which premiered on September 14, this year is likely to take an interesting turn. All horror fans are aware of the conventional plots of horror stories which revolve around the new house being haunted. The use of this concept over the years has made the story very predictable for the fans.

However, AHS begs to differ. The protagonists of the story, Matt and Shelby cannot leave their new home in North Carolina despite the presence of ghosts in the house. According to Bustle,their ghostly story which is going to take convoluted turns in the days to come will make a riveting drama.

After Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of the series hinted to Entertainment Weekly that there would be a major twist on the sixth episode of Season 6 of AHS, the fans of AHS have been kept guessing about the possible twist in their favorite show.

Fans suspect that Matt and Shelby might themselves be the real killers. A simple explanation for this lies in the fact that they both have been lying about what went down in their North Carolina house. The audience postulate that being the real murders of the people they claim were killed by the ghostly colonists, they attempt to conceal their crime by discussing their deadly paranormal encounters.

In the episodes that have been aired, the fans have noticed something unconvincing about the way the story is narrated by Matt and Shelby. The show has two actors each playing Matt and Shelby. While the real version of the couple is played by Andre Holland and Lily Rabe, the reenactment version is portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr and Sara Paulson.

A certain section of the audience opines that the real version couple who are seemingly speaking the truth from their own experiences seem less sincere and emotional than the people portraying their reenactments. They believe that this indicates that Holland and Rabe are choosing to play the characters that way.

Fans also suspect a striking similarity of the events in the show with the previous seasons of the show, particularly the "Murder House". Matt and Shelby move to their new house right after their tragic miscarriage and discover that their house is haunted. Events such as the finding of a murderous message behind the wallpaper, the encounter with long-dead nurses and the "Piggy-Man" insinuate that the speculation of the fans might be true.

So what happens next? Are Matt and Shelby the real murderers? Stay tuned to the show to find out!


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