Sony PlayStation News Update: You Actually Could Make Money From Your Original PS3; Sony Offering To Pay You $55 Over Removed Linux

PS3 users could get an amount of $55 from Sony after it removed Linux from its system due to security purposes. This comes after a lawsuit was filed against Sony over the matter.

Users who installed Linux in their launch model PS3 could get the settlement money of up to $55 from Sony. When the PlayStation 3 was released first in 2006, it came with the "OtherOS" feature, which means players were able to install Linux on it. Four years after, the feature was removed by Sony making a lot of original PS3 owners unhappy about the move, International Business Times reported.

Accordingly, many of the PS3 users used Linux because it helped them in cracking the old "fat" PS3 system. Sony did use Linux as one of their main selling points when they first promoted the console. This then means that many of the buyers of PS3 bought the console due to the "OtherOS" feature.

A class action lawsuit was then filed in 2010 saying that Sony used false advertising. The lawsuit also claims that there was a breach of warranty over Sony removing the feature. The settlement was currently reached but Sony has not admitted to any wrongdoing on their part.

As per the settlement, PC reported that a United States resident who purchased a "fat" PS3 from November 1, 2006 to April 1, 2010, are the ones eligible to claim at least $9. However, if one can produce proof that they used the "OtherOS" feature between the dates mentioned above, they can claim $55.

An online form will be filled in by the people who would want to get part of the settlement then attach the proof of purchase. The PlayStation Network ID that the player used on the PS3 during the dates mentioned should also be shown.

If a player also owns multiple "fat" PS3 systems, they can file multiple claims. However, it has to be proven that all of the consoles used the "OtherOS" feature in order to get $55 each per console owned. The payments will be made by March 2017. The amount is not final yet as Judge Gonzales Rogers is set to approve the settlement this January 24, 2017.

It remains unclear how much Sony will be allotting for this but it was reported that by 2010, up to 13.5 million PS3s have been sold in the United States.

All claims have to be submitted at by December 7.

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