Sony PlayStation VR Release, Price, Review & News: Sony's Latest Device Is Here! A Comprehensive Guide For Gamers

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald October 12, 05:30 am

Sony's PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) headset is finally going to hit store shelves on Thursday, Oct. 13. The new device, which complements PlayStation 4 (PS4), is expected to boost players' gaming experience as virtual reality will slowly become mainstream. Below is a comprehensive guide on what gamers need to know before purchasing the PSVR.

The PSVR package will include the headset with stereo headphones, cables, the breakout box with an HDMI splitter, and the demo disc. The device can be played by attaching this to the PS4 and gamers will also need a PlayStation Camera ($60) to operate it. Sony has provided a guide on how these attachments are supposed to be set up via the PlayStation official site.

For those who might want better navigation playing with the PSVR, Sony also has a PlayStation Move controller ($30), but this is only an optional attachment. The standard DualShock 4 controller can still work with the PSVR, per Polygon.

Price for PSVR is at $399.99 in the U.S. while it costs €399.99 in Europe, £349.99 in Great Britain, $549.95 in Canada and Australia, and 44,980 yen in Japan. Games for the PSVR are at standard prices since these can also be played without the headset. At the moment, Sony has not offered any combo packages with games and other peripherals for the PSVR.

Playing PS4 games using the PSVR will not slow down console performance, PlayStation Life reports. The processor of the PS4 is capable of supporting the power needed for the headgear to function fully well. However, TV sets will have to be adjusted so that the resolution comes off better. Among the games, "Battlefield 1" is highly recommended for the PSVR, Metro reports. Meanwhile, Forbes cites that the headset is quite comfortable to use but it does have issues with stuttering and shudder.

Gamers must ensure that their PSVR is settled in a room that has enough space and doesn't have too much natural light. Parent Herald previously reported that since PSVR allows for a lot of movement and exploration, a spacious room will be necessary. On the other hand, Finder reports that sunlight can bleed through the headset, which affects the experience of virtual gaming.

Before spending for the device, consider room enhancements and changes to make to ensure optimal use for the PSVR. For more on this, check out PlayStation's FAQ for its latest device.

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