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Australia v Pakistan - 2nd Test: Day 5

Family Life  2 January '17

Parenting Trends: What Parents Will Be Embracing, Doing & Talking About In 2017

Here's a roundup of what's to come and what can be expected in the world of parenting.

Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition

Technology  12 December '16

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition: What Every Gamers, Professionals & Developers Needs Know Before Downloading

AMD recently released a software update called Crimson ReLive Edition. Packed with amazing features, it is touted as the best update of the year.

Sony Playstation VR Goes On Sale

Dads  8 December '16

Virtual Reality Tech Giants Creates Global Virtual Reality Association for VR Development & Growth

Acer Starbreeze, Google, HTC Vive, Oculus and Samsung joined together to form a unified organization in order to unify the virtual reality industry, explore its market potential, development and growth.

US Population Nears 300 Million Mark

Growing Baby  7 December '16

Visualization Of Fetuses’ Internal Organs Now Possible Through Virtual Reality 3D Models; Abnormalities Detected Early

Virtual reality 3D models from MRI scans can visualize fetuses' internal organs and assess whether they have issues or abnormalities. How do 3D visualizations compare with 3D-printed models?

Eagle Flight Review

Dads  29 November '16

Ubisoft's 'Eagle Flight' and Other Upcoming VR Games Confirmed to Have Cross-Platform Play

"Eagle Flight" will be the first game that Ubisoft will allow for a cross-platform play.

The Samsung Creator's Lounge At VidCon 2016

Fun & Games  23 November '16

Best VR Headset: A Parents' Guide To Buying Virtual Reality Gear For Their Kids This Christmas

A doctor has an advise for moms or dads who might be considering gifting this gadget to their children this holiday.

Playstation VR

Games  21 November '16

'PlayStation VR' Is The Best Invention Of 2016; The Sony PSVR Is The Most Affordable And The Best VR Headset Ever Created

The "PlayStation VR" is awarded as the best invention of 2016. The "PlayStation VR" is now dominating the VR genre and it climbs up the ladder faster than expected.

'Skybound Entertainment' and 'Delusion' Working on New Horror VR Series; Not Based on ‘The Walking Dead’?

Dads  21 November '16

VR News & Updates: 'Skybound Entertainment' and 'Delusion' Working on New Horror VR Series; Not Based on ‘The Walking Dead’?

The studios are trying to test the waters for VR and theater.

The Martian - VR Experience Trailer | PS VR

Dads  15 November '16

‘The Martian’ VR Experience, Playing With Potatoes In The Red Planet?

The Martian VR Experience could become the very first disappointment in the VR market.

The Brookhaven Experiment PSVR Gameplay | PS4/PSVR | Pure PlayStation

Dads  15 November '16

HTC Vive’s ‘Brookhaven Experiment’ Comes To The PSVR, Let The VR Wars Begin

"The Brookhaven Experiment," one of HTC Vive's best-selling games, has been ported to the PSVR.

Life-size 3D Video Avatars

Dads  4 November '16

Virtual Reality News & Update: Wolfprint 3D Makes Life-Like 3D Avatars In Egg-Shaped Pods! [DETAILS HERE]

Wolfprint 3D is making it possible to have life-like avatars.

Lenovo Phab2 Pro: The First Google Tango Phone. Is It Worth Buying?

Dads  2 November '16

Lenovo Phab2 Pro Specs & Features: The First Google Tango Phone. Is It Worth Buying?

Breaking down what makes Lenovo Phab2 Pro unique but is it worth buying?

'Half Life 3' Release Date: Third Installment With VR Support Confirmed? Out In 2018?

Dads  1 November '16

'Half Life 3' Release Date: Third Installment With VR Support Confirmed? Out In 2018?

The third installment speculation of "Half-Life 3" will be released on 2018 with a new feature of Virtual Reality support.

Microsoft VR

Games  31 October '16

'Microsoft VR' Release Date, Latest News And Updates: Full Features And Date Of Release Revealed; Device Will Be The Cheapest VR Headset

The "Microsoft VR" is expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2017. All the details will be revealed in the upcoming WinHEC early December.

Microsoft VR Headset

Technology  27 October '16

'Microsoft VR' Headset Is Set To Release And Will Be The Cheapest VR Headset; Microsoft Revealed The Features; Xbox Compatility In Development

The Microsoft VR headset is set to release early 2017. The Microsoft VR headset will be the cheapest VR headset with $300 retail price.

'Fifty Shades Of Grey' New York Fan First Screening

Dads  25 October '16

'Fifty Shades Darker' Will Be Available Through VR Technology Soon

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ isn’t just coming to theaters, they will also appear in Virtual Reality world.

Will Half-Life in Virtual Reality be enough to cover the 10-year anticipation of the game's 3rd installment?

Dads  18 October '16

‘Half-Life 3’ News, Rumors: New VR ‘Half-Life’ Title Set To Be Unveiled In Steam Dev Days 2017 [VIDEO]

Fans are still hanging on a thinning rope that a new Half-Life game would soon be upon them. But Steam has other plans for the title and it involves VR.

Sony Playstation VR Goes On Sale

Technology  15 October '16

Solving VR Motion Sickness

Motion sickness, an unwelcome companion of VRs, hinders other people to use the gadget.

Sony’s PlayStation VR Receives Additional 150 Cinematic VR Titles From Start-Up Jaunt

Technology  14 October '16

Everything You Need To Know About Oculus Rift; Specs, Release Date & Controller Price

Get ready for a new gaming experience with the Oculus Rift. Read more.

PlayStation VR Launches in Stores Nationwide

Technology  14 October '16

Sony’s PlayStation VR To Give A Striking Competition to HTC Vive?

Significantly cheaper than the other two virtual reality displays available in the market, Sony's PSVR offers a wide range fo features to look out for!

Sony Playstation VR Goes On Sale

Technology  14 October '16

Playstation VR Review: A Step Forward for Mainstream Virtual Reality

The release of the Playstation VR makes it possible for everybody to easily own a virtual reality set at home.

Nolan Bushnell

Games  14 October '16

From Video Game To Virtual Reality: Atari Cofounder Nolan Bushnell Starts Modal VR Company

Just when you think virtual reality (VR) gaming has reached the summit with Oculus Rift, Samsung VR and HTC Vive, Atari’s co-founder Nolan Bushnell sets the bar higher with the launch of Modal VR, a company promising to create “an unprecedented VR ecosystem” from the combination of “radically different hardware and complimentary software.”

PlayStation E3 2016 Press Conference

Games  12 October '16

Sony PlayStation VR Release, Price, Review & News: Sony's Latest Device Is Here! A Comprehensive Guide For Gamers

Sony launched the PSVR and it is finally coming to stores all around the world on Thurs, Oct. 13.

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