AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition: What Every Gamers, Professionals & Developers Needs Know Before Downloading

By Ivy Tongson, Parent Herald December 12, 04:00 am

AMD had just announced one of its biggest graphics software update called Crimson ReLive and it is full awesome features. While the company itself describes it as the update of the year and many claims it to be AMD's biggest update ever, here are the features that every gamer, professionals and developers should be aware of before downloading.

The newest software update offers two most prominent features. These are the Radeon ReLive, a game-streaming and recording software, and Radeon Chill which regulates the GPU frame rate.

For gamers, Radeon ReLive lets it record their kills and replays it for a later date. ReLive is not only useful for gamers but also for professionals. The recording feature can also be used for tech support and enterprise training.

ReLive features include ReLive Overlay, Instant replay, Record and Screenshots which offers users complete settings configuration. The ReLive Overlay is a toggle for users to get instant access to ReLive while they are working on their content. Instant Replay records and saves content for 20 minutes max. Next, Record gives users control over setting details like quality, resolutions and recording bitrate. Lastly, the Screenshot as the name suggests captures still images and saves it in a folder.

Another feature of the Radeon ReLive is its customizable recording quality. It offers up to 4K resolution. AMD is also adding the LiquidVR and extended product support to Radeon WattMan in the update. LiquidVR is designed for virtual reality designers and engineers while Radeon WattMan is a power management utility. The LiquidVR will make virtual reality graphics sharper and much better overall.

On the other hand, Radeon Chill is a power saving feature that is also included in the latest update. It keeps the GPU cool by regulating the framerate in games. Do take note though that it is only available for certain games like DirectX9 and 11.

The Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition can be downloaded for Radeon Software and Radeon Software Pro. The Radeon Software Pro is for professional graphics designers for development sessions, content creation process and workflows.


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