Parental Alienation [LATEST UPDATES]: How To Deal With The Challenges Of Parenting And Separation

By KJ Williams, Parent Herald October 17, 03:49 am

A family has long been considered the basic unit of the society and it is the single most vital influence in a child's life. Parents and family build the first relationships of a child. But in a world suffused with turmoil and uncertainties, children sometimes face the tragic realities of a broken family such as in cases of divorce and separation.

As the world embraces the veracities of broken families, the increasing cases of parental alienation can't also be denied. In the United Kingdom, Lexology revealed the concept of parental alienation is debatable.

Parent Herald has covered several reports on parental alienation and has defined the concept for a couple of times. But on Lexology's family law blog, parental alienation is described as "in essence" where a parent controls a child into "fear, disrespect, hostility or rejection of the other parent," making this occurrence agonizing for parents.

Parental alienation is indeed one of the major issues divorced parents are facing and according to the experts, it is often very challenging to control the influence of an alienating parent on a child. With that said, lawyers admit they feel "powerless" to assist even though they believed a child is suffering psychological abuse.

The blog also outlined some tips on how to deal with the challenges of parental alienation. But despite how arduous the process is, experts advised alienated parents to be strong and hang on, as well as to fight for their involvement in their child's life.

Even though the family courts have improved in recognizing parental alienation, there are still a number of legal representatives who are trying to raise awareness and are finding ways to better improve the court's approaches in addressing the parental alienation issue. Unfortunately, the fact that there are still a lot of very difficult situations or cases remains existent.

Meanwhile, the American Psychological Association (APA) has finally recognized the existence of parental alienation and confirmed that it is indeed a form of psychological or emotional child abuse. Based on a previous Parent Herald report, APA CEO Dr. Cynthia D. Belar promised to look for the best resolutions to address the burgeoning concerns about this psychological damaging phenomenon.

So, what do you think is the best thing to do to address parental alienation? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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