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Majority of American Employees Find It Difficult To Discuss Mental Health Concerns

Parenting  5 May '17

Why Majority Of Employees Are Not Comfortable With Discussing Mental Health At Work

The majority of the employees finds it a taboo to discuss mental health at work.

US Restores Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

Family Life  4 January '17

Family Law Needing Reformation Due To Parental Alienation? Gender Inequality, Parenting Stereotypes Contribute To This Social Justice Issue

Due to the increasing cases of parental alienation and the persistent psychological effects of divorce, many legal professionals and psychologists are calling for necessary changes in family law proceedings.

Soldiers Return Home As U.S. Draws Down Troops From Iraq

Family Life  17 October '16

Parental Alienation [LATEST UPDATES]: How To Deal With The Challenges Of Parenting And Separation

In the current family law realm, the concept of parental alienation has become popular but courts are still having a hard time addressing this issue.

Canada’s Immigration Website & Many Others Crashed During US Poll

Mind  14 October '16

Survey Reveals 2016 US Election Causing 'Significant Stress' Among Americans; How To Minimize Election Stress

Social media has been one of the sources of stress and it's the older generation who is feeling the anxiety more, according to experts.

Parental Alienation

Family Life  10 October '16

Parental Alienation [LATEST NEWS UPDATES]: Does Parental Alienation Really Exist? APA Confirms It’s Psychological Child Abuse

Parental alienation has long been considered a form psychological abuse but now, the American Psychological Association affirmed its existence and confirmed that it is indeed an emotional abuse to the children.

Heat Wave Hits New York City As Summer Begins

Behavior  21 July '16

The Top 10 Issues That Teenagers Struggle With: How Apps Provide Support And Help

Given teenagers' penchant for technology, it makes sense that experts use smartphone apps to help young people deal with their emotions. After School and Crisis Text Line are some of those apps that support at-risk teenagers.

Spring Break Hits Florida's Beaches

Behavior  24 May '16

Can Frat Brothers Be Taught To Drink Less? Fraternity Members Are Immune To Alcohol Intervention, Study Says

Alcohol intervention does not work on college fraternity members.

Brooke Shields Testifies At Post-Partum Depression Hearing

Health/Nutrition  25 March '16

Too Much Oxytocin During Pregnancy Linked To Postpartum Depression Risk

A team cientists in Illinois have found a connection between oxytocin levels in pregnant women and their risk for postpartum depression.

Brussels Airport And Metro Rocked By Explosions

Parenting  25 March '16

What Parents Can Do With Children Traumatized in Brussels Attack

Young children traumatized by the Brussels terrorism need all the support and help their parents can offer.

Woman using an ice pack on her head

Health/Nutrition  25 January '16

Stress Leads To Sickness Due To Released Hormones A Study Finally Explains Why

Experiencing periods of stress can lead to sickness because the body releases glucocorticoids that reactivate latent viral infections.

Family Doing Household Chores

Parenting  9 January '16

5 Effective Unusual Strategies of Disciplining Children

There are some unconventional ways of disciplining children that are effective. Know more about them here.

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