TESLA Motors Defends Their Autopilot Advertisement Against Germany's Criticism

By Joseph Fabio, Parent Herald October 19, 10:43 am

Tesla Motors is being criticized by the government of Germany with its new car feature that allows Autopilot. The country found it alarming that Tesla is using it to advertise their cars because a lot of people might think they won't need to pay attention while driving. This concern has been all over the Internet on October 16.

According to a report by Venture Beat, the Transport Minister of Germany, Alexander Dobrindt, told Tesla Motors to cease their advertisement that encourages people to stop paying attention to their driving because Autopilot is available in their cars. A letter supporting this report was also seen, as it confirms that the Federal Motor Transport Authority sent out words to Tesla Motors requesting them to stop misleading consumers with their use of the word Autopilot.

For those who are unaware of why is this a concerning matter, the term Autopilot involves the safety of the driver while in the vehicle. It means replacing the position of the driver to do its job of maneuvering the car in the middle of the road.

A photo posted by Tesla (@teslamotors) on Sep 22, 2016 at 7:07am PDT

In defense of Tesla Motors, they didn't say that whoever would drive their car would have to completely rely on the system. The company even said that they made sure that their car still needs a driver to oversee and function while on the road. As per Reuters' report, Tesla Motor's spokesperson said that their Autopilot feature is safe that their technology has been used in aircraft systems for a long time.

It is a manner of using it properly just like with planes when the pilot decides to have it on Autopilot. This feature in Tesla Motors would make driving easier that it would help drivers think and worry less while they are on the road.

Do you think Tesla Motor's autopilot feature is safe? Tell us what is on your mind in the comment box below.

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