Cancelled Metallica Video Game Footage Will Make You Feel Old

By Minnow Blythe, Parent Herald October 19, 03:00 pm

Youtube channel PtPOnline recently shared the canceled Metallica video game footage that will make you feel old. The canceled Metallica video game, tentatively named, Damage Inc, was supposed to be a first-person vehicular combat, driving adventure game. At that time, the canceled video game was slated for PC, PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox.

Way before Metallica got featured in their own special edition of Guitar Hero, the now gone game company, Black Rock studio, developed a combat driving game inspired by Metallica and the band's music. The canceled Metallica video game entitled "Damage Inc." was set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the players drive around customizable vehicles around vast stretches of complete wasteland. The video game also allowed players to exit their vehicles and take over abandoned or other player's cars.

The canceled Metallica video game footage shows an early development stage of the game. The video game featured vehicles with customizable weapons and armors. Another facet of the canceled video game was the night and day cycles that could have been first of its kind during that time. The video game's effects and graphics are at par with current games.

The canceled Metallica video game was inspired by similar games at the time like "Twisted Metal", "Grand Theft Auto" and "Vigilante 8". It was also inspired by the movies "Mad Max", "Fist of the North Star" and "Waterworld". If the video game was released as intended, it could have been one of the most popular combat driving-adventure games at that time.

A teaser of the canceled Metallica video game was included in the band's 2003 album "St. Anger" and had a release date around 2005. The development of the game was delayed when the game company Black Rock Studio merged with Climax group. Licensing issues caused further delays and was eventually canceled. A revival for the PSP was attempted in 2011 but interest has fizzled out.

Kudos to the Youtube channel PtPOnline for finding this game development gem. Would you have bought this game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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