'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Demo Released- A Game Worth Playing; Entire Pokedex Revealed Accidently

By Liza Smith, Parent Herald October 19, 03:30 pm

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo is released. It was much awaited and it is definitely worth the wait. This is real good news for all the 3DS owners. You can now go into the Nintendo e-Shop and download the demo to get a taste of the game.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo is very easy to find. It is one of the first things that currently pops up in the e-Shop of Nintendo. The demo is now being leaked online and lot of content is already available. However, if you are planning on playing the full game then it definitely worth downloading it. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo gives players access to a special level 36 "Ash-Greninja," which will be transferable to the full game when it is released in November.

The demo is a glimpse into the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game experience. The demo takes place separate from the events of the actual games. The players who use the demo will be able to tackle a "trial." This is a new system that has come in place of gyms in "Pokemon" games, reported IGN.

You can see in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" trailer that the trials do not require battling. Here, the players will have to take pictures of a Pokémon in order to progress. This is exciting as it is quite different to the gym battles that we are currently used to. Further details related to "Pokemon Sun and Moon"have also been revealed. We now know that the trials in the full game will also incorporate unconventional challenges, such as item collection, reported Kotaku.

Full Pokedex Of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Revealed Accidently

Right after the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo was released for Nintendo 3DS, it has been data mined for the upcoming games' full Pokedex size.

The data mining revealed that there will be 800 Pokemon in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Pokedex. Also many other aspects like monsters and item sprites, new moves and abilities have also been revealed.

While not every sprite is included in the demo, it is now revealed that the Alolan form Pokemon will come from the original 151. In the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" pokedex, there will be 8 of the mysterious Ultra Beasts (which continue to appear to be separate from regular Pokemon.) Also, all of the game's legendary Pokemons will have pre-evolutions. The revelation also brought to the fore the final evolutions for each of Sun and Moon's starters, as well as Shinies. These are Pokemon in rare colour combinations for the starters.

It is still not known as to why so much of the supposedly secret detail was included in the game's demo. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will release for 3DS on November 18 in the US and November 23 in the UK.

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