‘American Gothic’ Season 2 Cancelled? Is CBS Series To Continue In Netflix?

By Andy Levin, Parent Herald October 19, 06:23 am

CBS said not to "American Gothic" Season 2, meant to return with Juliet Rylance (Alison Hawthorne-Price), Antony Starr (Garret) and Virginia Madsen (Madeline Hawthorne). However "American Gothic," produced by Amblin Television may not necessarily be folding.

Variety reports that "American Gothic" Season 1 numbers on CBS did not fly. Even with the prestige of Steven Spielberg's name, "American Gothic" did not survive the ratings cut off.


According to the media outlet, the highest rating episode in "American Gothic" Season 1 only brought in a little under 3.6 million viewers. This is a somewhat surprising result for the 13-episode "American Gothic" Season 1.

Mostly because "American Gothic" Season 1 started strong, immediately receiving a 13-episode order from CBS at the onset. However, the canceled CBS series raked in relatively good episodic grades on IMDb.

The "American Gothic" Season 1 finale ,"Whistler's Mother," did deliver despite CBS cancellation. This came through with the highest rating on IMDb among all the "American Gothic" Season 1 episodes.

This is unsurprising as stars Juliet Rylance and Virginia Madsen consistently gave "American Gothic" viewers high caliber performance. Also, as Entertainment Weekly reports, the "American Gothic" stars teased from the very beginning that the Season finale will wrap up well.

Although the CBS series did poorly on appointed TV, multi-platform viewership often saves a TV show standing on shaky ground. According to Slate, "American Gothic" Season 1 was released by Netflix on Sept 18.

Would "American Gothic" would find a home on Netflix? Could "American Gothic" Season still happen on the giant streaming service?

If so, Amblin Television and showrunner Corinne Brinkerhoff could still find their footing and rebuild their following with "American Gothic" Season 2. Then again, "American Gothic" may be one best told in one season, in which case the best that fans can hope for is a reboot or a remake somewhere down the road.

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