NBA 2016-2017 Season Prediction: The Hoop Is On! Which Team Will Win Enough To Reach The Playoffs

By Richard Baylon, Parent Herald October 19, 02:32 pm

The most glorious and exhilarating basketball league in the planets is going to start hoop on again this October 25, with much altering rumors and viral news on teams and superstars players, thousands of fans wondering how this season will end!

NBA teams will play over 1,230 games from the end of October until the middle of April. The players will travel millions of miles, play hundreds of hours, log thousands of minutes and hope they get the right bounce, basket or turnover that helps them win enough games to make the playoffs.

The sport quotient gives few predictions as regards of this season that the Golden State Warriors can win only 67 games in this season because of the Warriors were tired from the long slog of the regular season and not taking any games off at the end of the season for rest. Draymond Green said during training camp that he doesn't want to go for the record again because "it's brutal." Next is that the Cleveland Cavaliers will not secure the best record in the Eastern Conference, with the healthy Boston Celtic, the ambitious Toronto , and the vigorous Atlanta Hawk are around.

The USA TODAY NBA, on the other hand, is making its predictions for each team's record knowing such an exercise will result in ridicule or praise, depending on which fan base that can be either insulted or exalted. The following are some predictions.

    Pacific Conference. The Golden State Warriors is expected to top the pacific division. The 2016-17 Pacific Confence projection at the standings are Warriors 63-19, Clippers 56-26, Kings 31-51, Suns 26-56, and Lakers 24-58.

    Southwest Conference. The San Antonio has been a regular top contender in this division. The Spurs stays a top contender in the Southwest division and the standings by April are preditected to be Spurs 59-23, Grizzlies 46-36, Rockets 40-42, Mavericks 40-42, and Pelicans 34-48.

    Northwest Conference. The Utah Jazz has shown great improvement last season. They almost entered the playoffs if not for the crucial meltdown at the last stages of the season. The Jazz is predicted to have a slight edge over other teams in this division. Come April, the standing is predicted to be Jazz 47-35, Blazers 46-36, Thunder 44-38, Wolves 39-43, and Nuggets 35-47.

    Atlantic Conference. With significant rosters changes this offseason, here's how this division will turn out come April; Raptors 53-29, Celtics 50-32, Knicks 39-43, Net 20-62, and 76ers 20-62.

    Central Conference. The reigning NBA champions stays strong in this division. Here's how the standing is projected after the regular season; Cavaliers 59-23, Pistons 46-36, Pacers 42-40, Bucks 39-43, and Bulls 31-51

    Southeast Conference. With several players moving to other teams, the Atlanta Hawks appear to have the most significant additions. Here's the proected standing come April; Hawks 48-34, Wizards 44-38, Hornets 40-42, Magic 35-47, and Heat 34-48.

    For the rookie of the year award would probably go to Joel Embid with his competition over preseason defense, 3-point shooting skills and flashy plays.

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