MacBook Pro 2016 News & Update: Will Leading Tech Giant Completely Remove Regular USB Ports On Their MacBook Pros?

By GP Urbanozo, Parent Herald October 19, 05:35 am

Apple is believed to be in thick of preparations to launch the new updated MacBook Pro model this year. It is however rumored that part of the update is the removal of regular USB ports on all of their MacBook Pros.

According to The Verge, Apple is reported that it will be including USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports and getting rid of the usual USB ports on most machines. Apple will also be taking out the MagSafe charging connector.

This is sure to get MacBook Pro users and also planning to upgrade to MacBook Pro by surprise. This, however, is the same approach that Apple made to their 12-inch MacBook. A lot are hoping that Apple gets to squeeze more than one USB Type-C port in the new MacBook Pro and retain the headphone jack for now.

Apple's new MacBook Pro will also have a "Dynamic Function Row", which would replace the top row of the screen with OLED strip. This allows for keys to be dynamic to match various applications.

As shared recently by The Telegraph UK, the official announcement of Apple is said to be on Oct. 27, 2016. This will have announcements for MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air. The venue of the announcement will be in Apple's Cupertino Headquarters, instead of San Francisco Auditoriums where they traditionally hold iPhone launches.

There may also not be a total cause of confusion or panic as the possibility of the ports being unchanged is still high. It will not, however, support USB-A port for charging and connections. MacBook Pro may also be charging through the use of a USB device making it the only available port while plugged in Thunderbolt.

Apple being known to be a leading industry innovator is also known for its unpredictability. Many users or would-be users are in anxious anticipation as to the official make and look of the new and updated MacBook Pro.

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