New ‘Pokemon Go’ Update, Tips & Tricks: Here Is How To Customize Pokemon Go Plus Notifications

By Keira Waldorf, Parent Herald October 19, 03:30 pm

"Pokemon Go" Plus users are now given the option to customize the function of their accessories. The latest update rolled out by Niantic Labs allowed players to customize the notifications being sent by their "Pokemon Go" Plus watches. Additionally, the device can now be set to ignore PokeStops and focus on capturing Pokemons.

"Pokemon Go" players long for convenience in playing their most favorite game everyday. Thanks to the recent game update as it allows users of "Pokemon Go" Plus watches to select what game details to receive, preventing unnecessary notifications popping up while playing. Now, players can select whether or not to receive notifications when Pokemons and PokeStops are nearby, CNET reported.

To do this, "Pokemon Go" Plus users are advised to click on the Settings menu and look for the device option. Then, players are required to tap that option in order to see the selection of Notifications. There are boxes corresponding to every selection that players should tick according to their preference.

The two selections as Nearby Pokemon and Nearby PokeStops. "Pokemon Go" Plus users can opt to select both or either of which. However, if they wish to stop both notifications, they can untick both selections as well.

Meanwhile, the latest game update also allows players to set their "Pokemon Go" Plus watches to focus on catching Pokemons without entering PokeStops. There is also an option to set the "Pokemon Go" Plus accessory to concentrate on collecting as many Pokeballs it can in PokeStops, GameRant reported. Additionally, players can now join gym battles without being disturbed by Buddy Pokemon notifications by turning it off from the Settings menu.

"Pokemon Go" players, however, expect game developer Niantic Labs to focus more on rolling out useful updates to the actual game itself. While "Pokemon Go" Plus makes it convenient to play the game, some players think that the game is missing on important features that can make it more enjoyable, including multiplayer mode where players can battle with other trainers outside gyms.

What do you think of the latest update? Let us know in the comments section after checking a review of "Pokemon Go" Plus below.

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