Review: Lenovo Yoga Book's Impressive Create Pad Feature Transforms Creative Works Digitally; Unique Halo Keyboard Automatically Learns User’s Typing Styles

By Keira Waldorf, Parent Herald October 19, 07:40 am

Lenovo Yoga Book is an innovative 2-in-1 device that can be transformed into a tablet and a laptop. It packs impressive features, including a Halo keyboard and a Create Pad feature. The device is also lightweight, making it a practical and convenient gadget to carry at school and at work.

Lenovo Yoga Book turns into a notebook when it is folded up but it could easily be transformed to a tablet by flipping it at 360 degrees. Lenovo reinvented its new tablet by implementing a unique touch-sensitive panel that users can use as a notepad and a drawing pad. Users are also given the option to toggle between a Halo keyboard or a Create Pad drawing slate.

Lenovo Yoga Book's Create Pad feature allows users to use a real pen and paper while their drawings are being translated digitally to the notebook. The device comes with a Real Pen that retails at $40 which does not require charging, PC World reported. The Real Pen is a stylus that doubles as a pen with real ink for cases wherein users prefer to write on a real paper on top of the Create Pad slate.

Lenovo Yoga Book also has a backlit digital Halo Keyboard that keeps record of the user's typing styles to promote accuracy in typing over time. The Halo Keyboard can be toggled on and off which means that it can be hidden if the user is using the tablet as a drawing pad. Users can then turn it on to use the device as a regular notebook with keyboard.

Lenovo Yoga Book currently sells at $499.99. Digital Trends pointed out that Lenovo Yoga Book brings fair competition to Apple's iPad Pro given its cheap selling price. Check out Lenovo Yoga Book's Create Pad feature in the video below.

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