Is The Shia LaBeouf Mia Wedding Live And Legal?

By Jane Graham, Parent Herald October 19, 10:21 am

Shia LaBeouf married Mia Goth in Viva Vegas Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas, last Oct. 10 with a live streaming video.

The couple did not know that it was published by TMZ on live feed thread. All they know is that the vow is part of a private deal with King Tut but then the package includes free live streaming.

The Transformers actor dropped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and confirmed that he and Goth did tie the knot. Shia told Ellen that she might think that Shia was just kidding. But Ellen Degeneres said, "No, I didn't. I would believe you. I'm very gullible like that." Ellen believes everyone talking about marriage although a bit doubtful when it comes to Shia. Some of his jokes got to Ellen.

The wedding may have been held in a Las Vegas chapel but LaBeouf took the vow seriously. The couple met during the filming of "Nymphomaniac" and have been together for four years. Although it was just called a "commitment ceremony" and not a legal wedding according to Fox News, it is still surreal for the couple. Clark County Nevada Tweeted saying that they have no record of LaBeouf and Goth's marriage license but a ceremony was held.

Shia LaBeouf called somebody from the chapel asking why it went live. The person he called said that somebody mistakenly pressed the send button to TMZ. During "The Ellen DeGerenes Show" interview with LaBeouf, he mentioned that Mia said, "Hey, what are you gonna do,' and you know, it's love. We're proud of it. It was love." In the end, Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth were glad that the live streaming happened. Both of their dads were not around that time and it was a nice way to let the dads watch it live, in a way.

The ceremony was presided by an Elvis impersonator and cost only $700 inclusive of a hula dancer, flowers, trip with limousine service, hall, and the video.

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