Apple News & Update: Technology Innovator's Self Driving Car May Not Happen As Soon As Expected.

By GP Urbanozo, Parent Herald October 19, 06:20 am

There is absolutely nothing that Apple can't do, at least that's what most thought when they announced their project of launching a solar-powered, self-driving car. Unfortunately, the Apple Car may be delayed and will not happen as soon as expected.

According to Mercury News, Apple has drastically mellowed down on their ambition of pushing for their self-driving car, Apple Car. This move of Apple has resulted in numerous job loss. There are a number of plans being conceptualized by Apple, but the Apple Car is not part of it.

A team comprising of 1,000 people have been either reassigned or have been let go of because of the postponement of the building of Apple Car. The Project Titan as it is referred to has refocused on developing an independent and autonomous driving system that gives Apple flexibility to seek partnership with existing car makers.

As per Eric Paul Dennis, an analyst for the Center of Automotive Research said that for a quality Apple-branded car it is possible for Apple to have healthy margin. However, Apple may not be prepared to sacrifice and compromise quality issues.

When the Apple Car was announced back in 2015, Apple Execs were at their most optimistic with one even saying that it is the ultimate mobile experience. A year later, they have had a different tone.

To add, shared that earlier last month, secret talks were made with British carmaker McLaren but nothing may have developed from the meeting. There was no reported update or any developments in spite of the meeting.

Apple held grand ambitions of revolutionizing the automotive industry, just as what they did with the mobile phones and laptops. However, the latest news on Apple Car revolves around mass lay-off and the loss of the project's leader Steve Zadesky this year who was Ford's former engineer and also an early iPod designer.

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