Leonardo DiCaprio To Produce 'Captain Planet' Which Can Pave Way In Helping Children To Do Their Part In Saving The Environment

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald October 19, 07:46 am

The popular environmentalist cartoon is said to hit the big screen, which would be produced by one of Hollywood's best actors, Leonardo DiCaprio. "Captain Planted," a cartoon series which aired on Cartoon Network is said to make a comeback, but this time, it would be on the big screen.

"Captain Planet" is a popular superhero who is famous during the 90's. The Hollywood Reporter's report of the "Captain Planet" remake has managed to excite the 90's kids as their childhood hero would be making a big screen adaptation. To make the announcement even more exciting, it was hinted that one of Hollywood's eco-loving actors, Leonardo DiCaprio will be producing the speculated "Captain Planted" adaptation.

Aside from Leonardo DiCaprio, it was also reported that the screenwriters from the famous series "Scream Queens" will be joining the team. THR reported that Glenn Powell and Jono Matt will be working hand in hand for the "Captain Planet" script.

The 90's cartoon remake may not be confirmed yet, but parents are rooting for it to be screened as it is a great way to teach the younger generation to respect, value and take care of the environment. Leonardo DiCaprio himself is a perfect fit as "captain Planet's" producer as he's been vocal when it comes to climate change and protecting the environment. "Captain Planet" can be a great tool that can greatly educate and influence children when it comes to saving the Earth.

Raising environment-friendly children is highly doable as it can be done through simple routines and daily reminders. Kid's Health suggest that taking kids outdoors as often as possible is a great way to teach them awareness. Taking them outdoors and teaching them the beauty of nature though the birds and the living world around them is a great way to raise awareness.


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