Motherhood: Has Being A Mother Gotten To Your Head?

By Hasan Tariq, Parent Herald October 19, 10:00 am

An average mother who's having her first baby tends to spend a significant amount of time planning as to how she wants her first moments after birth to unfold. It's completely normal for a mother to plan ahead because obviously an upcoming baby doesn't come with a manual.

Becoming a mother initially starts with certain physical and emotional changes. The Huffington Post claims that it's natural for every mom to experience these changes before embarking their journey down the, sometimes rocky, path of parenthood.

It's important to understand that it's okay to not feel normal. But the first days of being a mother can truly be magical but also coupled with sleepless nights and fluctuating hormones that can be very irritating. It feels like being on a roller-coaster ride given our predisposition that motherhood is purely instinctual; on the contrary it's not.

What's the effective way to cope with all these bad side-effects? First of all, a mother shouldn't take the entire burden on her shoulders. Usually, women feel that they're bad mothers when they start comparing themselves to other moms.

According to the Practical Parenting magazine, mothers need to examine their own unique internal subjective variables required to make them a good mom. There isn't a rule of thumb to follow because each mother's situation is different. Despite understanding this, most mothers experience the baby blues, a hormonal change that tempts a woman to sob on the couch for no apparent reason.

The way to cope with the baby blues is to acknowledge it without empowering it. Sharing your feelings with your partner can also be helpful. But what's more important is to keep reminding oneself that the blues is just an ephemeral feeling. Its fleeting nature should reassure a woman that everything will turn out to be just fine. With the right mindset and the right people for support pre and post natal anxiety is nothing but an ant upon ones fingertip.

A woman's body undergoes an apparent change after giving birth. This change can be tricky to accept without having feelings of anxiety. It's natural to feel this way but the fact remains that the body has just experienced a life-changing series of events and therefore requires some time to adjust and heal back to normal.

Being grateful to your body for providing you with a baby you love more than the whole world, rather than fretting over how it looks is the way to go. Each stretch mark on the body is a reminder for a woman of the journey she took to give life to her little love.

All in all, being a mother is a difficult job, not only at the start but during the entire journey of motherhood. The initial phase is hard to adjust to, but once a woman has learned some coping strategies, it's not that hard to get by this stage especially when a woman reminds herself that she has received the ultimate gift of motherhood.

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