'Lethal Weapon' Latest News, Updates & Spoilers: Series Will Be Extended

By Tahnee Gonzales, Parent Herald October 21, 12:07 am

"Lethal Weapon" is back and in full swing after Fox executives have decided to make it into a full season series. It will release more episodes until episode 18.

According to TV Guide, the series is about a cop from Texas who has relocated in Los Angeles to start a new life. He is partnered with a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department who has been avoiding stress due to a minor heart attack.

"Lethal Weapon" is an adaptation of the hit Hollywood franchise starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. The film follows two detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department, Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, who are solving crimes in the City of Angels.

"Lethal Weapon" had three sequels before it was fully adapted to a TV series. Damon Wayans plays the role of Murtaugh while Clane Crawford plays Riggs. Roger's role was played by Glover in the film while Martin was played by Gibson.

Variety reported that 'Lethal Weapon" will be extended up to episode 18 as it was reported the network's most-watched fall premier show. Ever since its debut on September 21, "Lethal Weapon" has garnered an average viewer count of 11.5 million multi-platform.

The upcoming fifth episode of "Lethal Weapon" will have Murtaugh discovering Riggs' military days where they will be learning more about each other's pasts. Episode 5 is titled "Split Milk" which shows Murtaugh and Riggs running after a former Navy SEAL.

Murtaugh will see a parallel between the suspect and Riggs while Riggs' connection with the ex-Navy SEAL will threaten the case. It will also make Murtaugh gain a better understanding of the criminal's psyche and his motives.

Riggs will also be greatly affected in which he's had links with the suspect in the past. This will cause him to open up to Murtaugh about his past experiences and himself.

"Lethal Weapon" airs on Fox every Wednesday. The fans are surely in for good ride.

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