Michael Schumacher Health Condition 2016: Schumi Fans Doubting F1 Superstar’s Recovery? Social Media Reactions Hint Uncertain Fate’s Acceptance Amid Ongoing Treatment, Rehab

Almost three years after Michael Schumacher's heartbreaking skiing accident at the French Alpine Resort of Meribel in France on Dec. 29, 2013, a lot of questions were still left unanswered about his current health condition. Reports on Schumacher's condition remain elusive due to the family-requested media blackout.

Up until now, all Michael Schumacher fans and the public knew that the embattled German racer underwent two life-saving operations, was placed in a medically induced coma and is currently undergoing an intensive treatment and rehabilitation at the comforts of his home in Geneva, Switzerland. But despite the lack of updates, fans were unwavering when it comes to their love and support toward the seven-time F1 champ and his family.

Speaking of fans' support, the hashtag #KeepFightingMichael has remained a trending social media plea since it was launched in November 2014. Based on the documentation found in Michael Schumacher's official website, which was re-launched two years ago to give fans a platform to read information and express their thoughts about the 47-year-old former F1 superstar, there have already been 119,418 tweets, a proof that Schumi fans are indeed supportive and optimistic about their idol's uncertain recovery.

Due to the overwhelming love and support, Michael Schumacher's family also expressed their gratitude to the daily messages they received that often made them speechless. In a "Thank You" post found in Schumi's website, the family repeatedly thanked the fans for being their strengths and for believing that Schumacher will eventually surpass the ordeal he's currently facing.

The social media reactions of Michael Schumacher fans, however, were not only filled with messages of love and support. Some were also expressing their thoughts about the elusiveness of updates and reports when it comes to Schumi's health condition, with some of them saying that it's not morbid curiosity if they want to know about his health - it's just because fans really care.

On Michael Schumacher's Facebook fan page, some fans also wrote that it would be great to get an update about Schumi's health condition. Even though they understand and respect the family-requested media blackout, they stressed that some few truths are far better than reading those nasty rumors.

Furthermore, some also expressed that they feel that Michael Schumacher has gone already, hinting the acceptance of the German racer's grim and uncertain fate while some are praying for a miracle for his complete recovery. But overall, the social media reactions mostly echoed the fans' overwhelming love and support.

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