Marijuana Effect On Teens: Recent Studies Suggest No Solid Evidence Proves That Marijuana Consumption Among Teens Causes Decline In IQ

By Abbie Kraft, Parent Herald October 24, 10:25 am

Marijuana consumption among teenagers has been one of the biggest issues that are yet to be resolved. Several studies emerged that marijuana consumption among teenagers causes their IQ to decrease but these studies were questioned as it was mentioned due to lack of solid evidence.

Marijuana consumption in the United States is starting to make a revolution as cannabis is already legal in various states. As for teenage consumption of marijuana, however, experts suggest that it should be prohibited as it affects teenagers' mental capacity, especially their IQ levels. Contrary to the previous studies, research emerged where it was noted that there are no "measurable link" between marijuana consumption and lower IQ on teens,

Valerie Curran, a psychopharmacologist at the University College London, outlined on a recent study the correlation of marijuana consumption among teenagers to having low IQ. Curran's study, which was published in SAGE Journal, mentioned that there is no strong correlation between marijuana consumption among teenagers' IQ. Even though the twin studies came up with the same conclusion, University of Mebourne in Australia psychiatric epidemiologist George Patton emphasized that the studies were not able to have a solid proof that heavy marijuana consumption is safe for teens.

Several studies have linked marijuana consumption to poor cognitive performance including low IQ and memory loss. Though these studies emerged, it was noted there are several research that were done in the past that focused on marijuana consumption and decline of the IQ among teenage users. But what critic's really pointed out is the fact that George Patton and his team failed to emphasize the possible reason as to why and how marijuana consumption leads to decline in IQ and cognitive function, as reported in Science.

Studies on marijuana consumption among teenagers and its effects on cognitive function remain broad as further studies need to be done. With the height of marijuana legalization in the United Sates, what's your opinion on marijuana consumption among teens as a parent? Do let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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