Babies In The Modern World: How Young Is Young When Technology Is Involved?

By Melanie Hemsworth, Parent Herald October 25, 07:14 am

As the years progress, technology becomes part of everyone's daily life. Adults normally use gadgets for work, students in research, and surprisingly, babies to develop cognitive skills.

Contrary to the policy they set 17 years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), has modified the age limit of those who can watch screens to eighteen months or older. In addition to allowing younger audiences, AAP reiterates that toddlers between two and five years of age should not have more than one hour of screen exposure.

It is not just at this age that screen time should be limited. When they are older, programs should be carefully screened for its emotional, moral and psychological effects.

It is very important that babies harness their developmental needs, Engadget expressed. Although online applications are helpful in introducing new skills, it is best that these infants comprehend what they view.

During their eighteenth month, babies tend to correlate what they see on screen to objects in the real world, Healthy Children explains. No matter how beneficial video chats are in communicating with distant relatives, physical interaction is far more significant. At this stage, the youngsters should have tangible things to grasp and be able to see and hear the people around them.

Are there negative results? Technically, it's not what they see that has an impact, but it's what they are not doing. Infants primarily learn from interaction, and it has been that way since the beginning of time. Children should be able to feel emotions and understand body language.

The Baby Center highlights that screen time should also include interactive programming. In contrast to passive programming, interactive ones give the children feedback after they finish an activity. Passive programming is frequently entertaining, but nevertheless, continue whether or not the task is performed or not.

It is still the parents' task to guide their child and protect them from being exposed to programs that will hinder their growth and instill negativity. Entertainment time should be filtered to those that educate and exude positive mindset.

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