Apple Loses Interest In iPad Air 3, Focuses On Mini, Pro Models; 2018 iPad Pro With Flexible AMOLED Display Coming Next?

Much has been said about Apple and its decision regarding the iPad Air. Over the past months, there have enough rumors to make us wonder deeper about the fate of the Air line. Although there's no official word coming from Apple, is there a possibility that we will say goodbye to the once adored tab? Or is this just a diversion tactic coming from Cupertino?

Mobile and Apps thinks that Apple seems to have "lost interest" in the iPad Air, considering that it has been two years since the first generation was publicly announced in October 16th. With tablet sales dipping on a constant basis and their position being overtaken by the handier phablets, two years are a big enough gap to point that Apple might just discontinue the Air legacy.

Another point the website articulated is the fact that other sources are saying that a new Apple iPad Air will be receiving "brand updates" alongside the Macbook Air this month. October is growing thin though, and Apple has yet to let a whisper on the issue. They are also thinking about Apple focusing on their Mini and Pro line, which is enough reason why the company is thinking of putting "an end" to the Air.

On the other side of the coin, Apple savant Ming-Chi Kou is expecting that Apple will refresh its iPad Pro family in 2017. This will include a 9.7inch, a 10.5inch and a 12.9inch version, while the latest A10X will be included in the last two variants of the iPad Pro. The Country Caller likewise said that Apple is thinking of using "flexible AMOLED displays" on future iPads. However, Ming sees that Apple will "continue its struggle" in marketing upcoming iPad, though the introduction of flexible screens will bolster next gen tablet sales.

As for the iPad Air 3, its rumored specs stay the same: it's been said that it will have a Smart Connector for Smart Keyboard, Face Recognition and Touch ID for the Apple Pay. In addition, the Air 3 will borrow the 7000-series aluminum make of the iPhone 6 and 6S and should go a step above the A8X processor of the iPad Air 2.

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