Jimmy Kimmel Is Over Matt Damon? Celebrity Host Finds A New Subject For His 'Matt Damon' Treatment, Who Is He?

By Mike Mitchell, Parent Herald October 25, 06:00 pm

For those following Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon's infamous feud, the duo has been busting each other. In fact, Matt Damon is Jimmy Kimmel's favorite guest to pick on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Actually, so favorite that he always cuts the "Bourne" actor's appearance on his show. According to reports, Jimmy Kimmel has found a new subject for his popular "Matt Damon" treatment.

Jimmy Kimmel has always cut Matt Damon on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" He will either cancel his appearance at the last minute or disturb the star on stage. It seems that Ben Affleck's best friend is a persona non grata in Jimmy Kimmel's show.

If you want to follow Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel's feud you can check it online. In fact, Time has listed a timeline of Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel's feud.

Recent reports suggest that the celebrity host has found another star to play with his "Matt Damon" treatment. According to Entertainment.ie, Jimmy Kimmel picked on the actor-comedian Joel McHale as his next "Matt Damon" subject.

In a short clip below, you will see Joel McHale excitedly entertaining Jimmy Kimmel in a workroom. The author appears happy and very warm as he talks about his book "Thanks for the Money". Joel McHale even said that the most important event on his schedule is his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Joel McHale is unaware of his fate that he will be the next Matt Damon in Jimmy Kimmel's show.

According to Jimmy Kimmel, someone more important and bigger is appearing on his show, so he has to cancel Joel McHale's guesting. The author was surprised and asked if it was Beyonce. Jimmy Kimmel said it was Dame Ophrah. Actually, not Oprah but the president of the United States.

Jimmy Kimmel ordered Joel McHale to leave the workroom because the most important guest is arriving and they have dogs that will bite the comedian if he stays longer. Joe McHale slaps the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host multiple times and one slap is for Matt Damon as he storms out the room.

The clip is very hilarious. There's probably another Jimmy Kimmel and Joel McHale encounter in the future as the comedian becomes the next Matt Damon on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Have you watched the clip below? How do you feel about Jimmy Kimmel giving Joel McHale a "Matt Damon treatment?" Do you agree that the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host has already moved on from Ben Affleck's best friend and is now ready to pick on Joel McHale as his next "Matt Damon?" Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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