Matt Damon Has No Interest In Playing James Bond; 'Bourne' Star Feels Jason Bourne Is Better And More Relatable lThan The British Spy; Matt Damon Also Experience Different Treatment After A Flop

The British spy, James Bond is one of the most popular characters when it comes to thriller and action films. In fact, many actors wish to play the character. However, the "Martian" star is not one of them. Matt Damon has no interest in playing James Bond because he thinks that Jason Bourne is better and more relatable.

Matt Damon Prefers Jason Bourne over James Bond

The "Jason Bourne" star, Matt Damon doesn't think that James Bond is a match to his alter ego Jason Bourne. The two characters have the same initials and similarities, which makes them a hit on the big screens.

However, for Matt Damon, Jason Bourne is better than 007. The actor thinks that his character is more relatable because Bond is from the 1960s and at that time people have a different set of perspective that what we have today.

"He (Bourne) is so much more relatable. Think about it. Bond is from the 1960s so has the values of that time," Matt Damon explained to Esquire magazine per Toronto Sun. "He's a misogynist, he swills martinis and kills people and cracks jokes about it."

Damon went on with his explanation, "But Bourne is modern. He's an anti-establishment figure, he doesn't trust institutions, he's going against the system. He has one woman that he loved and when she's gone he doesn't pursue anything else."

Matt Damon Treated Different After A Flop Film

No matter how popular you are, there are also ups and downs in the showbiz industry and Matt Damon is not vulnerable to it. Per the News Mississauga, the "Interstellar" star experiences a different treatment when his movies don't do well at the box office.

However, Matt Damon has a positive perspective and don't take it personally. "I noticed how differently I was treated in the business. But it helped me to come to peace with the fact it's not personal, it's about numbers." According to Ben Affleck's BFF, if he is not on the list, friends could only lament that they can't hire him.

Aside from this, in a commencement address at the Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, "Jason Bourne" shared his "being OK thanksed" moment with Affleck. When they were younger they get on a bus and audition in New York where they give their best, but only to hear "OK, thanks" at the end. For them, those experiences were their armor. The two actors are in no doubt over those moments and are now superstars.

Do you agree that "Jason Bourne" is more relatable than James Bond? What do you think of Matt Damon's experiences? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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