America's Mental Health Issue Is Alarming; Know Which States Made It Worse

Awareness of mental health is a huge issue in America and there are states that hardly make an effort in educating and helping their locals when it comes to this matter. A new study showed some of these places in the United States that deliver poor management in handling mental health.

In an article published by The Huffington Post, Nevada is among the states that don't give out the right provision when it comes to the mental health of their locals. This is based on a report that the publication gathered from the organization, Mental Health America. Included in the report is a record that shows adults are the ones struggling to have their needs met in this department. More than half of this demographic in America are not getting treatment nor proper awareness on how to handle their mental health issue.

The CEO of Mental Health America, Paul Gionfriddo, went on details with their report stating that their records show how some of the states are doing on this subject. Unfortunately, there are some that don't really invest in this issue, which later on becomes an even bigger problem in their place. He suggested that state leaders should think of putting money and effort into projects that promote the awareness of mental health issues before it is too late.

Meanwhile, also gathered that Indiana is another state that has the worst mental health care in America. Their report is also based on Mental Health America's details. It is alarming to know that there over 40 million Americans do have issues on their mental health. Reports are also showing that the struggle in Indiana to provide proper mental health care for their residents is due to the cost and the non-availability to sit down and talk about this issue. Everybody seems just to be a workaholic in that state, which is also another problem that contributes to their mental health.

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