Kids In Tantrum: Dad Collates Hilarious 'Logical Reasons' Toddlers Cry & What Parents Can Do About It

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald October 28, 09:28 pm

Children can be very demanding, more so when they let out a big wail. Until then, they think they are the authority and because parents want the crying to stop, they submit to the kids in tantrum and soothe them. However, being the submissive one often becomes problematic in the long run, so it's best to get on top of the situation and show the kid who the real boss is.

According to the University of Minnesota Medical School behavioral neuroscientist Michael Potegal, parents must first be aware of the key factors that lead children into crying spells, as per Live Science. The neuroscientist says that there are three basic triggers in kids' crying fits. This is when a toddler craves attention, wants something to get ahold of or happen (tangible things of activity) and whenever the kid tries to sneak out a demand.

Each of the basic motivations has a proper technique in handling the crying kids. Whenever a child craves for attention and sudden outbursts, Potegal advised not to do anything at all. Moreover, the neuroscientist said that parents should engage in a "planned ignoring" so as the kid will learn that crying won't help with his need.

Meanwhile, when a kid is in a tantrum for not obliging in a demand, Potegal suggests acting quickly next time prior to the tantrum. For instance, if a kid does not want to put a toy out and go to bed, it's best if parents plan ahead and make a routine for the kid to follow. If crying fits are ignored, they are getting what they want because more often than not, a tantrum is a delaying tactic in escaping a demand.

Toddlers are extremely notorious for their crying fits. It has been so much of a perennial problem that some parents just try to look at the brighter things. Like what Greg Pembroke did, he started to compile all the "logical reasons" that his tot, Charlie, cried for. In Reasons My Son Is Crying, he collated all the hilarious instances that he and other parents have encountered while their kid a throws fit.

Take a look at some of the hilarious moments that make parents just want to laugh everything off while their kids are having a bad time. Have you experienced anything like this? Share it to us by commenting below!

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