Teething Baby Tips: What To Do When A Baby Goes Through This Painful Process?

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald October 28, 08:59 pm

One of the hardest things that a baby has to endure is the pains of teething. Understandably, it really is a dreadful process.

Imagine your gums are fully closed, you are all happy and you think everything is fine, but suddenly, gums begin to swell and then a hardened thing slices open your sensitive gums. Good thing, there are ways on how to help the little tots get over this painful process.

According to Toddler Approved, one of the best ways to help a teething toddler alleviate the pain is by giving them something that can put pressure on their swollen gums. Actually, there is no need of buying every teething item available in the counter. Some household items can do the job as effective as what teethers can do.

Ideally, teethers should not be small enough to fit in a baby's mouth. While it can save parents a lot of money by giving several teether alternatives available at home, it's still best to be mindful of the choking hazards that the items pose. Baby spoons, spatulas, tags and fabrics that come along a toy or blanket, and even keys — these are the usual teething baby favorites and no matter what they munch on, it should be noted that parents should always keep an eye.

Frozen food may also help do the trick. Try freezing a banana or any fruit and contain it in a mesh feeder. Some parents also give frozen carrots. Make sure to keep them clean before giving to the teething baby.

Massage your teething baby's gums as often as possible. This will help them in soothing the pain as babies need constant but gentle pressure on their gums.

Per Parenting, parents should watch out for teething signs which include gnawing, swollen gums, excessive drooling, change in appetite and the infamous crying spells at night. Often, teething is a process that is more active during the night, as the tooth moves against bones and gums.

For parents, teething is a hard process but try to keep in mind that the baby is going through a more stressful situation. One last tip: parents should try to remember that these things shall pass. Their crying spells may get into a parent's nerves but sooner or later, they will realize that everything has been fleeting and they are not going to be the same baby anymore.

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