The 'AMD Zen' CPU Would Definitely Beat The Intel Core i7; AMD Will Release AM4 Mother Board And AMD Naples Server CPU

By Troy Woodridge, Parent Herald October 30, 03:03 pm

The company Advanced Micro Device also known as the AMD has confirmed that will be releasing the next powerful processor, the "AMD Zen" CPU. AMD will release this superior processor early 2017 along with the AM4 motherboard and AMD Naples Server CPU

A report by the WCCF Tech shows that AMD won't be expecting a massive sale on its early release next year, the AMD CEO Lisa Su said in an interview. The "AMD Zen" was named as the Summit Ridge and it is about to be the Intel's greatest competitor once it is released in the market.

The "AMD Zen" claims to be the most powerful desktop CPU that will conquer the world in the few years. It is said to run more than the high clock speed that everyone would expect when it comes to processor performance as the Ocaholic said.

The upcoming "AMD Zen" CPU will be competing against the famous Intel Core i7 series, which is known to be the fastest, most reliable and most powerful processor at this moment. The "AMD Zen" architecture will feature a huge clock speed rate with its new chipset.

A massive 8-Core SKU, running at the default 3.15GHz clock speed is the main weapon of the new "AMD Zen" CPU. But AMD is not done yet, the "AMD Zen" is capable of boosting its speed up to 3.6GHz. It is pretty amazing to know that AMD could release the most energetic 8-Core SKU in the market soon.

On the other hand, there is also a 4-Core "AMD Zen" CPU. A minimum 2.9GHz will be featured as it can also boost up to 3.4GHz while using a 65W TDP. As we can see, AMD is creating a CPU that runs fast as a lightning without increasing the electrical power consumption.

In addition, AMD is giving all the best creations they have by releasing the next powerful AM4 motherboard. The upcoming X370 AM4 motherboard was initially used to test the "AMD Zen" early this year, and it successfully shows how great this new AM4 motherboard performs.

According to the iSports Times, AMD will also release the AMD Naples server CPU. An "AMD Zen" based processor exclusively tied for server computers. All "AMD Zen" products will hit the market in the second quarter of 2017 and is expected to beat the Intel Core iSeries.

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