Sony 'Playstation 4' Pro Controller Is Confirmed To Arrive This Year; Playstation 4 Pro Photo Leaked

By Troy Woodridge, Parent Herald October 29, 07:23 pm

As the Sony "Playstation 4" Pro release date approaches, non-stop add-ons are also unveiled for the upcoming video game console. The new Playstation 4 Pro controllers are also now ready to launch early this year.

Razer and Nacon have unveiled their version of the "Playstation 4" Pro controllers. According to EnGadget, Sony collaborated with Razer and Nacon to create a unique "Playstation 4" Pro controller using their own creativity and ideas.

Now, the Razer Raiju is designed for eSports professionals. As per the Tech Radar reported, this "Playstation 4" Pro controller is equipped with several top buttons and triggers with ultra-fast response.

Meanwhile, the Nacon Revolution is an Xbox controller look-alike. With eight-direction D-Pad buttons, the Nacon Revolution would be a great weapon in all eSports tournaments. This "Playstation 4" Pro controller also features a pair of compartments for weights that can be used for handling and balance.

The new "Playstation 4" Pro controllers from Razer and Nacon will be available this December. Full Specs and features can be found via Geek review.

Moreover, Sony has launched its first ads for the "Playstation 4" Pro. The WCCF Tech said that the new "Playstation 4" Pro commercial is a throwback style advertising.

Sony used an 80's themed commercial for the "Playstation 4" Pro console. The commercial is very interesting that it shows a man that looks like Marty McFly from Back to the Future movie. The old school boxed TV, super computer and the immortal Chuck Taylor shoes would simply remind you of the days back then.

What will really catch your attention is the Playstation 1 Preload screen. The "Playstation 4" Pro 80's commercial will let you reminisce your childhood.

The Sony "Playstation 4" Pro will be hitting the market this coming November 10th. The price will start at $399 depending on the bundle and hard drive storage.

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